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Fishing with artificial lures is a very common and popular method among anglers. Whether you’re trolling, bait casting or dropping a jig it can be challenging picking the right lure. An artificial lure can be completely different in appearance depending the on targeted species of fish. It can also have very subtle almost unnoticeable differences. Knowing to use a spinner bait or a soft plastic can be the difference between having a good day out in the water or great day. From freshwater to saltwater we make your choice easier whether you need surface lures, spoons, plugs, artificial flies, swim baits, fish decoys among others. Our knowledgeable experts will help you find the right lure. At the right price with the quality you expect.


A reel is the heart of a professional angler’s equipment. It is mechanical device that allows the angler to cast and retrieve lures. Although many different types of reels exist, both fresh water and saltwater. They all do one thing in common. Reels give the angler the mechanical advantage over a large fish. They also allow the angler to cover vast amounts of water while casting. Whether you’re casting from the jetties searching for that monster striped bass or trolling the Canyons for that giant blue marlin. Having the right reel on your perfect rod is critical for your success. We carry all quality brands from Penn, Shimano, Abu Garcia and Daiwa just to name a few.


If the reel is the heart of an angler’s equipment, then the rod is literally the backbone that keeps you on the fish. Similar to the reel it gives the angler a mechanical advantage over the fish. Additionally the rods acts as a guide for the line to travel. When the fish is on the line. The rod bends and absorbs the runs and shakes of the fish just like a shock on a vehicle absorbs the bumps on the road. Rods come in all different lengths and action to match fishing conditions. Graphite and various Glass are just some of the production methods used in the ever changing demands of the sport fishing industry. At TacklePoint you can browse our online store for the latest fishing rods to match your reel. We carry major brands such as Penn, Shimano, Berkley, Lew’s and Shakespeare.


Of all the recreational activities that exist. Fishing out in the water is by far the most our bodies are exposed to the sun. Our skin, eyes and hair are exposed to the sun and water element hours and even days at a time. Choosing the sun glasses, fishing cap, shirt and pant for angling is critical for an enjoyable experience. Fishing clothing comes in a variety of materials including Polyester, nylon, cotton and rayon each designed for unique fit, durability and comfort.  Some of our quality fishing apparel includes brands such as Aftco, Costa Del Mar, Under Armour, Pelagic Offshore Gear, Penn apparel and Salt Life. You can be assured that our boating and fishing apparel meets even the strictness demands for quality and durability when you are out in the water battling that monster marlin or stalking the flats for the next red fish.



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