There is a shortage of face masks and respirators. These as well as PPEs are very hard to come by due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our brave front-liners are being given priority to have these first since they are the ones that need protection the most.

Because of this, many individuals are getting creative with their DIY protective masks. We compiled 21 funny, creative and even downright questionable homemade face masks people have come up with.

1. The LOL Facemask – laughing in the face of the coronavirus

2. Creepy – but it comes with a ventilator

3. Just smile

Credit: Tanya Steele (@loopitch on Instagram)

4. Skidmarks can also help ensure social distancing

Credit: Mattéo AUGUSTO / instagam: dnmade_louvroil_access_mode

5. A mask for special effects

A guy who used to work in the movie FX industry made himself a mask for the pandemic. I think it looks awesome. Source

6. When Boba tea is life


7. The facehugger DIY facemask – keeping people more than 6 feet away

8. Brings back the olden times

9. Sanitary pad face mask

Remember, it has to be with wings. Source

10. Looks legit


11. Meanwhile, aboard the Tbilisi Metro…

12. Sanitary pad face mask level up

13. Brite idea

14. Grapefruit, it’s good for your health

15. An onion a day keeps the virus away

16. Another organic face mask option…

17. It’s nuts!

18. Desperate times call for desperate measures

19. Life in a fishbowl

20. Homemade face mask and PPE to keep the virus away…and people, too

21. DIY plague mask, complete with garlic

Humor is part of our coping mechanism. In these dark and uncertain times, it helps to find some relief and laugh at our troubles.