What are MURS Radios?

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) defines MURS Radios or Multi-Use Radios Service as an unlicensed two-way, short-distance voice or data communications service for personal or business activities of the general public.

MURS radios allow civilians to have a radio network that does not require any special certifications or licenses. It has five dedicated channel frequencies known as the itinerant and color dot frequencies.

Below are the five MURS frequencies. Three of which operate in the 151 Mhz range with a narrow bandwidth of 11.25 kHz and the other two frequencies operate at the 154 Mhz range that uses the wider 20 kHz bandwidth.

The 5 MURS Frequencies:

  • 151.820 MHz (11.25 kHz)
  • 151.880 MHz (11.25 kHz)
  • 151.940 MHz (11.25 kHz)
  • 154.570 MHz (20.00 kHz)
  • 154.600 MHz (20.00 kHz)

Now, before we take a look at the best MURS radios that you can own, let us first talk about the importance of these said two-way communication radio devices.

The Importance Of MURS Radios

The importance of MURS Radios cannot be overlooked most especially during emergency or disaster situations. And when you ask a person who works as a member of a first-respondent team, he will tell you that the most critical component in any emergency situation is access to communication.

When cell phone lines and all internet-based communications go down because of a disaster, MURS radios will not be affected and will still continue to work. This is the main reason why MURS radios are a must and are always kept at hands reach at all times not only to people who work in the first-responders department but also to other civilians in case emergency or disaster strikes.

Other reasons why MURS Radios are important.

1. Radio Tracking Devices

Most MURS radios today come with GPS tracking devices. This means that you can always locate where your team is. Whether doing rescue missions or survival adventures, the location of each member of your team can be easily known in relation to the GPS on their radio.

2. Works Even When Other Forms Of Communication Do Not.

Even when all forms of communication cease working, MURS radios will still function because of the unique frequencies that these radios operate from. It does not depend on the signals that other communication devices use. The most important thing to remember when using MURS radio is that you should always have extra batteries on hand.

3. MURS Radios Are Durable

We all know that cell phones can easily break under very little pressure. That is not the case on MURS Radios. Quality MURS radios are designed and built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Some are designed to float when floodwater rises. While other MURS radios are capable of being submerged underwater and still work for around 1-hour or more.

4. MURS Radios Can Make Contact With People Miles Away

It’s a general misconception that MURS radios are only good for short distances. Well, that is not always the case. In fact, most MURS radios today can reach up to 300-miles in distance.

 Here Are Some Of The Best MURS Radios To Consider

 1. BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio Ham handheld Walkie Talkie UHF/VHF 136-174/400-480Mhz 128 Channels (Black)

Main Features:

·         Frequency Range: Dual-band 136-174 / 400-479.995 MHz

·         FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz). LED Flashlight.• Large LCD Display. High /Low RF Power Switchable. 25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable.

·         Emergency Alert. Low Battery Alert. Battery Saver. Time-out Timer. Keypad Lock.

·         Can be Operated on Many Business, Public Safety, Ham, GMRS, FRS, and MURS Frequencies

Why It’s One Of The Best…

If you are new to 2-way radios, then the BaoFeng MURS Radios is perfect for you. A pair of these is a good starter if you just want to try using radios and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. 

This MURS Radio also boasts of the good reviews that it got from all the people who have already purchased and tried this product. And for an extra buck or two, you can get a 4-year replacement plan on your BaoFeng Radio. Not bad at all.

2. Dakota Alert MURS Wireless 2-Way Handheld Radio, M538-HT

Main Features:

  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • With True Enhanced Performance.
  • Latest Technical Development.

The Dakota Alert MURS Wireless is your standard two-way MURS radio that does not have a lot of special features ( it has no shortwave or FM features) but still works like a charm. In short, it gets the job done!

This MURS radio comes from a trusted brand name and is capable of sending and receiving at a distance of several miles depending on the terrain. It has a function where it can receive any alerts from the MURS system.

3. RMM2050 2 Pack of Two-Way Business Radio by Motorola

Main Features:

  • 2-watt (covers up to 20 floors, 200,000 square feet range depending on terrain & conditions), 5 channels (communication groups) total. These RMM2050 radios are set to special MURS frequencies that don’t require an FCC license.
  • 2 Pack of radios and associated accessories.
  • RMM2050 is a direct replacement to RDM2020 and RDM2080D. Very reliable, simple, heavy-duty radio.
  • Includes owner’s manual.
  • Each of our radios comes complete with a single-unit charger, 15-hour lithium-ion battery, swivel belt holster.

Why It’s One Of The Best…

Motorola is the standard when it comes to business and others that use MURS radios on a daily basis. And for a big in place network or getaway, the Motorola is hard to beat. This Radio also boasts of 2-watt maximum power range limit for regular use.

This MURS Radio can be found in most office buildings because it has the capability to broadcast up to 20 stories high. The only disadvantage of the Motorola is that it has no waterproof capabilities.

4. Midland GXT1000VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair) (Black/Silver)

Main Features:

  • 50 Channels with Up to 36-Mile range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction,120V Charger.
  • NOAA/All Hazard Weather Channels with Alert and Weather Scan
  • 142 Privacy Codes, Frequency Band: 462.550 – 467.7125MHz
  • Vibrate Alert. 9 Levels of VOX for Hands-Free Operation
  • SOS Siren allows you to send out distress/locator signals in an emergency situation, 10 different call alerts tones to notify you of incoming calls from your group

Why It’s One Of The Best…

The Midland is packed with a lot of features at a very affordable cost. This MURS radio can pick up 50 channels with up to 36-Mile range of communication in open areas. There is also a built-in distress signal in the Midland that allows you to alert others in case of an emergency.

Final Word:

With all the different MURS radios in the market today, choosing one that suits your taste is a little bit tricky. I hope that these 4 MURS Radios on this article will guide you on what you should look for on a good MURS Radio. It is now up to you to decide which MURS Radio suits you the best. The only advice I can give you if you’re planning to buy your MURS Radio is to do a little research first on the radio that you are interested in before spending your hard-earned cash on it.