Every outdoor adventurist knows that survival books are essential fountains that can be tapped in order to gain more knowledge about useful outdoor survival tips and tactics. Today, there are many survival books in the market that focuses on the different aspects of outdoor survival. Some books are focused on the tips and tricks of building a fire, finding food and water and making shelter, while other survival books cover everything an outdoor adventurist must know about first aid tips as well as wilderness medicines.

The good news is, in this day and age, there are already hundreds and maybe thousands of different survival books to choose from. The experiences of the different outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists that have come before us and decided to compile their experiences and lessons into books so that we can learn from them can now be easily owned and delivered right at our doorsteps with just a click of a finger.

So, if you are looking for the best survival books that can help you in your next outdoor adventure, then, here are our Top Five Best Survival Books that may fit your needs. These five survival books are also some of the best and top-selling survival books in the market today.

But before you start spending your hard-earned dollars on one of these books, we recommend that you check first our reviews on each of these 5 top selling survival books on our list.

1. Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

By:  Dave Canterbury

If you want the ultimate resource of backcountry experience, then this 256-page book is perfect for you.

Written by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury, Bushcraft 101 is based on the 5C’s of Survivability: combustion devices, containers, cutting tools, covering, and cordages. Bushcraft 101 will also offer its readers valuable guidelines on how to craft resources found in your surroundings. This book also offers detailed information on:

  • Collecting and cooking food.
  • Manufacturing needed tools and supplies.
  • Choosing the right items for your kit.
  • Protecting yourself from the elements.

So is this book a must have?

Well, if you’re a beginner, then you need to have this book. This book is well written and it provides the reader with a lot of information. The guidelines written in this book can also get a beginner on the right path. While it is true that no book can replace actual hands-on experience, this book can still serve as a great reference. 

The guidelines written by Canterbury on this book is the perfect way to learn how to use the art of bushcraft to reconnect with mother nature in ways you’ve never imagined.

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2. Survival Hacks: Over 200 Ways to Use Everyday Items for Wilderness Survival

By:  Creek Stewart  

Everything can be turned into survival necessities!

This is according to the survival book, Survival Hacks: Over 200 Ways to Use Everyday Items for Wilderness Survival written by Survival expert Creek Stewart. In this book, Stewart guides you on how you can transform everyday items into life-saving valuable survival gear that can be used in any situation.

This 256-page survival book covers everything from small-scale D.I.Y. hacks like purifying dirty water by just using a plastic bottle and the sun, to big-scale stuff like building a one-person emergency shelter using trash bags. This book will also teach you some cool tips and tricks on how you can make your very own everyday carry survival pocket-sized kits that you can use in case you are stuck in an emergency.

For most outdoor enthusiasts, this book is not considered as a must have. But be that as it may, the Survival Hacks is still a great read and a good book to have around most especially during a rainy afternoon in camp.

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 3. Primitive Skills and Crafts

By: Richard and Linda Jamison

If you are looking for the best family-friendly outdoor adventure survival book that focuses on Outdoorsman’s Guide to Shelters, Weapons, Tools, Tracking, Survival, and many more, then Richard and Linda Jamisons’ Primitive Skills and Crafts is what you should have. Plus, this book also contains great insights from well known and accomplished archeologists, primitive practitioners, anthropologists, artisans, and craftsmen.

Other survival topics discussed in this book include fire-making, camp cooking, basket weaving, pottery making, animal tracking, and many more.

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4. The SAS Survival Guide

By: John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman

Written by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman (former Chief Survival Instructor for the Special Air Service or SAS for 26 years), The SAS Survival Guide is one of the most popular survival books of all time. It gives details on how to survive in the wild, whether on land or at sea.

The SAS Survival Guide also talks about the techniques on how to survive in every climate imaginable as well as on how to be successful in handling urban dangers. Finally, this book also covers navigation, preparation, urban safety and security, food and health, and disaster survival.

This book has 672 pages and weighs approximately 2.2 lbs or 1kg. It has a very simple black and white illustrations on almost every page of the book accompanying the rough descriptions.

The only downside of this great book is that it contains an incredibly large amount of content in a super-condensed form that at times it makes you wonder if the author has actually done some of the techniques written in the book.

But overall, The SAS Survival Guide Handbook is a great book to give you an introduction into what wilderness survival is all about.

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5. The Survival Medicine Handbook

By: Joseph Alton, M.D.

This detailed Survival Medicine Handbook by Joseph Alton, M.D.,(practiced as a board certified Obstetrician and Pelvic Surgeon for more than 25 years)  is a 550-page 2-pound medicine handbook guide that helps you stay prepared for any medical emergency situation most especially when medical help isn’t available.

The Survival Medicine Handbook covers principles of medical preparedness, modern medicine vs. survival medicine, spirituality and survival, how to sterilize medical supplies, and many more. And while this book is somewhat incredibly comprehensive, make no mistake: it won’t’ turn you into an M.D. overnight.

The best part of this book is its no-nonsense, realistic, and down-to-earth introduction. After the introduction, the basic principles of medical preparedness as well as a very solid section on the skills and supplies you’d want to acquire before you’re forced to approximate the role of a medical professional is also thoroughly discussed.

The Survival Medicine Handbook is a great survival handbook to own. It is easy to understand and is also filled with a lot of information. It covers more than 100 medical issues, making it a must have item if you are really serious about disaster preparedness. In short, this book could easily become one of your most important survival asset.

This book according to Alton is part of his mission of ” putting a medically prepared person in every family for any disaster.”

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