The more survival kits you have, the better. Well, this fact is very true. But the only problem of having more than one survival kit is, the more stuff you have, the harder it is to carry.

Most of us, whether we admit it or not, want to bring as much as we can when we travel. But there is a catch. The things that we want to bring with us must be small or portable enough to fit inside a small bug-out-bag or a container. That is why DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kits is perfect for everyone. Whether you are into survival adventure or just a stay home guy, DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kits will be of great help most especially when an unexpected emergency occurs.

The best thing about pill bottles is, most pill bottles have waterproof seals on them and the larger ones offer ample space storage for you to put the most important things that you need.

Below are 5 DIY pill bottle survival kits that you can assemble and use in different kinds of situations.

5 Easy To Assemble DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kits

1 .Fishing Kit

For your DIY pill bottle fishing survival kit, the basic items that should be inside your pill bottle are your fishing lines, hooks, and weights. If your pill bottle has extra space, then you can also add a mini knife and small lures.

2. Sewing Kit

All backpackers must-have sewing kits in their bag for quick repairs and gear modifications. For your DIY pill bottle sewing kit, putĀ  2-3 mini spools of thread and a few sewing needles inside a standard pill bottle. Done! First Aid Kit

3. First Aid Kit

You will be surprised at how many first aid items a regular pill bottle can hold. Here are just some of the basic items that can fit inside a pill bottle that you can use for any outdoor injuries.

  • Various size bandages
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Butterfly strips
  • Wet wipes
  • mini tweezers
  • sunblock
  • insect sting or bite relief
  • Gauze

4. Fire Starting Kit

Your pill bottle fire starting kit should contain dry tinder and 2-3 fire-starting devices. For your tinder, tightly pack at least 3 cotton balls in the bottom of the pill bottle. Then, drop your fire starters also inside the pill bottle. You now have a pocket-sized pill bottle fire starting kit.

5. Mini First Aid Survival Kit

For your DIY Pill bottle mini survival kit, you will need a larger pill bottle and you must carefully think about how you can properly fit the things inside the pill bottle. Also, make sure that the pill bottle that you will be using is 100 percent waterproof.

So how do you do this? Just follow these simple steps.

  • Wash your pill bottle and make sure there is no leak.
  • Wrap the outside of your pill bottle with few layers of duct tape.
  • After you have finished wrapping your pill bottle with duct tape, wrap it again tightly this time with a paracord.
  • Put your first aid items inside your pill bottle. Close and seal it. DONE!

Other Things That You Can Include In Your DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kit.

  • Matches
  • Birthday candles
  • Fire straws
  • Button
  • Mini flashlight
  • Index card
  • Safety pins
  • Dental floss
  • Ibuprofen
  • Allergy Medications
  • Money
  • Aluminum foil
  • Needle and thread
  • Razorblade

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for a few of the items that you will be placing into your pill bottle survival kit.

  • Duct Tape

Roll the duct tape onto itself so that it can be unrolled easily if you need it. Just lay your piece flat and start slowly rolling it up. Just make sure that the edges are all lined up.

  • Fishing Line

Your fishing line can be rolled onto a straw or a bobbin for easy storage without tangles and getting everything else tied into its web.

  • Razor Blade

If you plan to add a razor blade in your pill bottle survival kit, then, make sure that you put a small piece of tape over the edge of the razor blade. This will make sure that the razor blade does not poke or cut any of the other valuable pieces inside your pill bottle.

  • Thread

Just wrap the thread around a straw. This will prevent the thread from tangling.

Other Preparedness Uses Of An Empty Pill Bottle

  • Emergency Cash Stash

Fill your empty pill bottle with quarters and you will have emergency money on hand.

  • Emergency Ammo Storage

You can fit a few .22 shells even in the smallest of pill bottles.

  • Spices, powders, and other condiments for a bug out bag or hiking bag

Pill bottles are water-resistant making them great storage tools for your favorite spices, powders, and other condiments that you want to bring with you in your travels.

  • Matchbox

You can make a pill bottle matchbox by filling the bottle with matchsticks and attaching the striking surface on the outside of the pill bottle.

  • Hide -A-Key

If you want a place to conceal your key where burglars can’t find it, just glue a rock on the lid of the pill bottle. Place your pill bottle in your flower bed or under your favorite tree where only you can find it.

  • Earphones Container

We all know that untangling earbuds can be annoying and sometimes stressful. To fix this problem, simply roll your earphones and place them in a pill bottle.

  • Cotton Swab Container

Cotton swabs or Q-tips fit perfectly into a regular-sized empty prescription pill bottle.

  • Child Proof Container

Pill bottles have childproof features in them. This makes it the perfect storage containers for anything that you would not want kids to get their hands on, like sharp pins, beads, or any other small items that a child can easily swallow.

  • Seed Storage Container

If you want to store your seeds most especially during wintertime, an empty pill bottle should be just the right size to store them until planting season arrives.

  • Vitamin Packs

If you’re going away, don’t bring all those big vitamin bottles with you. Use empty pill bottles to put the vitamins that you will be needing based on how long you will be gone.

There you have it! Different DIY pill bottle survival kits as well as other preparedness uses of empty pill bottles that you can use in any survival situation. The best part is, all of these pill bottle survival kits are small enough to fit inside your pocket. In short, mini survival kits that may very well save you or your friends in case of an unexpected emergency.