We never know when an emergency or disaster will strike. That is why being prepared for any emergency situation is crucial, not only for one’s survival but for the whole family as well. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to always have a survival kit or kits at hand, properly packed and ready to be used in case of a disaster.

According to the CDC and the American Red Cross, a typical home should always have survival kits at the ready, packed with food, water, extra clothing, and first aid medical supplies that can last for at least 3 days.

Survival kits should not also be just limited inside your home but it’s also smart to have one in your vehicle and at your place of work. Your survival kits should contain all the essentials that you need for any type of emergency situation.

There are practically a lot of readily available survival kits that you can choose from. But in this survival kits review, we will just be looking at three of the best survival kits that you can buy in the market today.

The 3 Best Survival Kits That You Can Own Right Now

1. 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe

Product Details:

  • 4 Person Survival Kit with Essentials to Survive Disasters
  • Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Flood, All Natural and Man-Made Disasters
  • Grab and Go 72 Kit for 4
  • Emergency Disaster Preparedness Family Kit
  • Safety items, First aid, Gas shut off and more

The 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe Is One Of The Best Because…

When it comes to survival kits, this one is a monster. The 4 Person Survival kit Deluxe from Survival Prep Warehouse has all the important and essential tools, first aid, basic supplies, and nutrition & hydration that a family will need to get through the initial 72 hours after a disaster, man-made or from natural causes.

So, what can you find inside the 4 Person Survival kit Deluxe? Here’s the list.

  • 48 pouches of Datrex water with a 5-year shelf life
  • 40 water purification tablets ( each tablet can purify 1 liter of water)
  • 2.5-gallon water bag
  • 48 200 calorie food bars
  • can opener
  • Hand crank AM/FM radio
  • 2 hand squeeze rechargeable flashlights
  • 4 hygiene kits which include the basic items like soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, 9 handy wipes, 4 masks, 8 tissue packs, and a large first aid kit
  • On Duty/Gas Shut Off wrench
  • 5-in-1 survival compass, whistle, signal mirror, flint starter, waterproof container and a shrill whistle with a lanyard
  • 50 waterproof matches
  • 4 Mylar sleeping bags
  • 4 body warmers that will last for 16-20 hours
  • 4 emergency ponchos with hood
  • Two 2-person tube tents complete with rope
  • Multi-function knife
  • Leather gloves 50-foot rope
  • Four 12-hour light sticks
  • Pack of survival candles
  • Deck of cards

If you have enough budget and are looking for the best survival kit not only for you but for your family as well, then, this is the perfect one to have.

Pros and Cons:


  • Quality4 person survival kit
  • Well organized
  • Great value for money
  • Equipped with loads of essential emergency items
  • Includes basic food, water, safety, and first aid essentials
  • Water and food bars have a 5-year shelf-life
  • Deluxe duffel bag


  • Expensive

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2. Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit, 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack

Product Details:

  • Made in the USA
  • Sustains two people for three days
  • Includes food, water, and emergency blankets
  • One 33-piece first aid kit
  • Two safety light sticks
  • A backpack keeps supplies at the ready
  • Item weight: 8.1 pounds

The Ready America Emergency Kit is one of the best because…

Moneywise, the Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit is considered by many as one of the best. Made by Ready America, the premier provider of disaster preparedness supplies and outdoor survival kits, this emergency survival kit has enough supplies for two people that can last for three days. This survival kit is ideal for individuals, couples, or small families.

Inside the Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit, you will find:

  • Four 2,400 calorie food bars with a 5-year shelf life
  • Twelve 4.225 oz. Mayday Industries 5-year shelf-life emergency drinking packets
  • Emergency blankets for shelter and warmth
  • 33- piece Red Cross approved first aid kit
  • Two 12-hour safety light sticks
  • Dust masks
  • Hand gloves
  • Emergency whistle
  • Emergency ponchos
  • Pocket tissues

Pros and Cons:


  • Very good value for money
  • 2-person supplies including food and water
  • Food bars and water has a shelf life of 5 years
  • 33 Piece first aid kit
  • Bright red backpack for easy storage and portability


  • Very basic starter survival kit

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3. Mayday Earthquake Kit Deluxe Home Honey Bucket Survival Emergency

Product Details:

  • Leather Gloves
  • Imported
  • Deluxe version of the kit
  • This Honey Bucket Has Most Everything You Need For Survival For The First 72 hours.
  • Great for travel
  • Easy mobility
  • Kit for 4 people

The Mayday Kit Deluxe is one of the best because…

This survival kit can provide the necessary emergency supplies for 4 people for 72 hours as recommended by the US Coast Guard guidelines. All of the emergency supplies inside the Mayday Earthquake Kit Deluxe are also guaranteed to last for up to 5 years even when stored in the most extreme conditions.

The only downside to this emergency kit is that it does not have any items for shelter. So, make sure to add an item or items that address this need.

Overall, the Mayday Earthquake Kit Deluxe emergency survival kit is still one of the best survival kits that are available in the market today.

What’s inside the Mayday Kit Deluxe? Here’s the list.

  • Honey Bucket with Lid.
  • 4- 2400 Calorie Food Bars 
  • 4- Solar Blankets
  • 24- Pouches of Waters
  • 4- Dust Masks
  • 4- Ponchos
  • 12 Pack of Liners
  •  6- Wet Naps
  • 12 Hour Light Stick
  • T-5 Chemical Toilet Disinfectant
  • Roll 10 yards
  •  Duct Tape
  •  Gas
  • Water Shut Off Tool
  • 15″ Pry Bar
  •  54 Piece First Aid Kit
  •  Dynamo flashlight/Radio
  • Pair Leather Palm Gloves
  • Utility Knife
  •  5-in-1 Whistle
  • 50 Water Purification Tablets
  • 50 Waterproof Matches.

Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent value for money
  • 3-day survival kit for 4 people
  • US Coast Guard recommended supplies
  • The kit will last 5 years under any climate conditions
  • Gas and water shut off tool
  • Sturdy and durable 5-gallon plastic bucket with lid
  • Storage bucket doubles as a toilet seat


  • Does not provide any items for shelter
  • Food and water is not very high quality

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There you have it. Our top 3 picks for the best Survival Kits that you can own – perfect for any emergency survival situation.